what you want.

I get it. My first boyfriend was such a nice guy, too. It was too much for me.ᅮ 그럼에도 Nevertheless, I had the same concern as the writer. He’s a great man, and he wants to marry me, and I know he’ll be a good father and husband, but I hesitate because it’s my first relationship. I really don’t think I’ll ever regret… There’s no comparison. ^ 그런데 But the reason I feel that way is because the writer is serious about her relationship. If you go bad, you can marry him, and if it cools down, you can secretly meet someone else. I guess he doesn’t think so. I was like that, too. I don’t even think about the wind, so I feel more like that because of the responsibility to only see this person when I get married. I feel a great sense of responsibility to walk with him for at least 50 years in joy and sorrow. I didn’t break up because of that, but I couldn’t give up studying abroad, so I ended up being a long-distance person. I’ve never met anyone who’s better than him, let alone anyone who’s better than him.LOL LOL I don’t regret it. I was so happy when I studied abroad. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime life. You have to do what you want. Don’t do anything stupid like the wind, do what you want.

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