not yours.

2020/09/08 22:37

I like cooking and grocery shopping, but I hate putting what I ate once in the refrigerator and eating again. I hate this and that in the fridge. I buy ingredients just once or twice, and I eat a little bit of this and that, and before I use them, I try to eat something else, but I try to endure it. If you don’t like it, throw it away. Be polite in other people’s houses and kitchens, not yours. And just by looking at what you wrote, it’s like a mountain of food, so I’m frowned upon how you wrap up like you’re taking refuge. I don’t want my mom to bring me any side dishes, either. I hate it so much. Think about other people’s positions, not yours.

2020/09/08 22:37 2020/09/08 22:37